Recntly I’m listening to JUKE. Maybe it’s too late…
It was a couple of years that I have listened to Juke at first, but I couldn’t understand at that time.
But I realized that this must be with dance. Just listening to the music is not enough.

The rhythm is fast but so flat. And snare or clap comes at irregular timing.
I thought this is just a corner cutting, not a advanced experiment.
But when I watched the dancing of Juke, I realized the fast and flat rhythm is necessary, and the music and dance is united.

Consisting of minimum elements is good aspect of Juke.



I like this song.
Dark and focusing on simple element. I fouund this at GenerationBase.



Mathematicians (from Overture)

This is my song from album ‘overture’.
I am very satisfied with this song, and so I positioned the song as a first tune of the album.
I made the song like knitting with characteristic and simple melody, beat, and voice. The voice was made by computer, and it speaks in a language which doesn’t exist.
The song develops rapidly in just 3 minutes. But I think it helps to lead to the next song, and works as a symbolic introduction of this hyper album. Of course I felt it after having finished producing the entire album :) I’m not very smart.

Listen !!


The End

There is just a simple melody and a bouncing beat in this piece, this doesn’t have the other element. When creating the song, I have never take waste sound away and haven’t tried to make the song simple. I added sound little by little, and stopped when I was satisfied. This is rare case when I make music. I always make too complicated first, and next take waste sound away.
This BPM will make you feel more bouncing.

Please listen !